A summary of Chris Oliver’s keynote at Pacific Marine Expo

The following is a synopsis of Chris Oliver’s (newly appointed Assistant Administrator for NOAA Fisheries) keynote address at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle on 16 November 2017, summarizing his goals and priorities for NOAA Fisheries. His main goals for NOAA Fisheries are (1) to maximize fishing opportunities while ensuring sustainability (2) to conserve while […]

Re-thinking The Way we Talk about Biodiversity

Over the past 30 years, leading scientists in ecology and conservation biology have been claiming a biodiversity crisis, and have documented global extinctions of birds and mammals occurring at rates that greatly exceed pre-industrial times. The dominant narrative is one that claims biodiversity is in decline, and that ecosystem services depend on biodiversity (many of […]

What are the Impacts of Trawling in Australia?

Recently, a group of scientists measured and mapped the extent of trawling in Australian waters in a recent paper. Lead author Tessa Mazor provided the below commentary for CFood UW. We also encourage you to check out this blog post from Mazor’s institution. 5 surprising statistics about trawling Less than 5% of Australia’s EEZ waters […]

Experts Weigh in on Farmed Salmon Escape in Washington State

A few weeks ago in Puget Sound, a net pen used for farming Atlantic salmon broke and allowed over 150,000 salmon to escape. Fear of these non-native fish interfering with native salmon have led to questions on potential impacts and a call to reevaluate salmon farming policy in Washington State. In particular, many Native American […]

Urgent Reforms Needed for Gulf’s Recreational Red Snapper Fishery

By Robert E. Jones If you pay attention to fish news here in the United States, you are likely to be familiar with the ongoing controversy surrounding Gulf of Mexico red snapper. The fishery is a poster child for rebuilding success, in the midst of a remarkable comeback after decades of overfishing and decline. However, […]

Scientists Respond to Mark Kurlansky’s Doom & Gloom

  Mark Kurlansky, author of the seminal fishery history book, Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World, recently contributed to The Guardian with this article, Enjoy Cod’s Revival, but the Extent of our Ruination of the Sea Remains Unknown. In it, Kurlansky celebrates the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certifying North Sea Cod […]

Wasted Fish – What to Make of Recent Data Showing 10% of Fish are Discarded at Sea?

A paper published last week titled, Global marine fisheries discards: A synthesis of reconstructed data, concludes that commercial fishermen have thrown away (discarded) about 10% of catch over the past decade. Researchers, led by Dirk Zeller, used catch reconstructions – estimates of how many fish were caught – to approximate that around 10 million tons […]

Status of Global Fisheries Trends and the Role of Catch Reconstructions: Implications for Current Stock Levels

A paper by Pauly and Zeller published in January 2017, highlights and discusses four criticisms of the most recent release of the biannual State of the World Fisheries and Aquaculture report (SOFIA) published by FAO in June 2016. Specifically, Pauly and Zeller argued that “poor and incomplete statistics from virtually all fishing countries… are to […]

Scientists Argue about New Zealand Fisheries

In December 2016, we featured a post by Michael Melnychuk discussing his recent paper examining worldwide fishery management. The paper used interviews with fishery experts around the world to review fisheries management in different countries around the world. Since then, the paper was criticized by Slooten et al (2017), claiming that the interview subjects for […]