bullitzerWe are now accepting nominations for the 2016 Bull-itzer Prizes for most outrageous factual errors in fisheries reporting.

Most people know of the Darwin Awards and the Ig-Nobel Prize —  we are starting a new one devoted to fisheries, which we call the Bull-itzer Prize.  These will be awarded to the most outrageous factual errors in articles or pronouncements on fisheries in:

  1. Major media – either print or websites
  2. Scientific papers
  3. Social media and blogs
  4. Organizational reports or pronouncements
  5. Individual Journalists

To submit a nomination specify the nominee (and a link to the article, blog etc),  list the factual errors (what was stated and justification that it is in error) and your name and contacts.  At the end of 2016 we will hold an online voting poll for the winners, and prizes will be awarded.

Editor’s note:

While we understand that singling out individual journalists and organizations may seem frivolous or cruel, we think the need to monitor and correct inaccuracies in media is higher than ever. The recent US election was guided by inaccurate reporting and fake news stories; response to the greatest environmental threat in human history (climate change) is not dictated by facts, but by ideology. CFood was created as a response to this problem: scientists can and should correct and educate the media (and subsequent public) on matters they are experts in. We have been doing that for the past year. Our Bull-itzer prize is just another way to do that while also attempting to hold some accountable. Though its name may be off-putting, it is not as off-putting as the actual spreading of misinformation.