Catch Shares

Catch shares are a divisive issue. Fishery scientist Trevor Branch explains this well:

Most environmental groups, like the Environmental Defense Fund, support and advocate for catch share management. This often draws the ire of some commercial fishermen:

We decided to run a feature on catch shares in response to several recent media stories that focus only on the negative aspects of catch shares, notably this story at and this story in the New York Post. Our first post covered the basics of catch shares and should act as a reference for the rest of the posts. Start there and work your way through the other posts.

Some Facts About Catch Shares
This piece should serve as an introduction to catch shares and their benefits & drawbacks

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Catch Shares, Stakeholder Values, and Management Objectives
Michael Melnychuk contributes a thoughtful piece on the importance of catch shares while acknowledging the drawbacks

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Catch Shares have not Worked in New England
Fisheries scientist Brian Rothschild talks problems with catch shares in New England

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A Management Perspective on Catch Shares
Bruce Turris, President of Pacific Fisheries Management, offers a management perspective on catch shares

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