New York Times Examines how Trump’s Budget Cuts will Impact Fisheries

Last month Bren Smith, Sean Barrett and Paul Greenberg considered the implications of trimming NOAA’s budget for the New York Times, as was the intent of President Trump at the time. Much of these cutbacks were avoided in a compromise to avoid a government shutdown, but there are still legitimate concerns over funding for NOAA, […]

New Paper Shows Participatory Adaptive Management Leads to Environmental Learning Outcomes

Successful natural resource management is dependent on good science (to inform policy) coupled with stakeholder compliance. One without the other creates conflict, causes stress, and can lead to depletion or misuse of the resource. Often in fisheries management, science and stakeholder interests are seen as two separate entities fighting to an eventual, dissatisfying policy arrangement […]

Recent Article in Economist Broadly Addresses Ocean Policies

Last week The Economist published Getting Serious about Overfishing, an article meant to address some of the pressures on global fish stocks. The piece is quite different than its headline as it focuses on regulations across a broad spectrum of ocean issues from fishing to climate change to plastic pollution and beyond. When addressing fishing […]

New Documentary Shows Tensions Between Scientists & Cod fishermen

Sacred Cod: The Fight for a New England Tradition, a documentary that premiered last month on the Discovery Channel, “chronicled the collapse of the historic cod fishery in the waters off New England in the United States.” The crux of the film was the disagreement between scientists, policy makers, and the few remaining Cod fishermen […]

Underutilized Species Growing in Popularity

Food sustainability has become part of the public conversation about responsible consumerism in America, elevating chefs to influential positions as cultural intermediaries. Seattle’s Renee Erickson, award winning chef and restaurateur, often features underutilized, underappreciated, local “trash fish” species on her menus. New marine species offer opportunities for skilled chefs to create new conceptions of haute […]

New Paper: Catch Shares Slow the Race to Fish

A new paper in Nature quantified the ability of catch shares to reduce the race to fish in 39 US fisheries. The authors compared the length of fishing seasons in comparable fisheries with and without catch shares, and tested the hypothesis that fisheries with catch shares had a longer fishing season than those without catch […]