New Paper says there is Potential for More Fish and More Profit

By Jack Cheney A new paper published this week explored opportunities for increased yield and profit across 4,713 fish stocks constituting 78% of global fisheries. The central question asked was, “what is the potential of the oceans to produce more food, more jobs and more profit?” Three scenarios were examined to answer this question: Business […]

NGOs Target Wrong Fishery to Save Vaquita Porpoise

The Vaquita Porpoise, a resident of the Sea of Cortez, is near extinction. Recent estimates peg the population of the world’s smallest cetacean at no more than 30 individuals—a sad and unusual story of fishing causing a massive decline in a marine mammal species. At the Boston Seafood Show, one of the industry’s biggest annual […]

Catch Shares and Other Systems in the EU

What Makes a Successful System of Fishing Opportunities? Catch Shares and Other Systems in the EU By Griffin Carpenter The systems for allocating fishing opportunities can take diverse forms, and as the CfoodUW series of blogs on catch shares revealed, these systems can elicit strong and at times conflicting views. How then do we approach […]

The 2016 Discard ban – Choking or Crying Wolf?

The 2016 Discard ban – Choking or Crying Wolf? by Philip Taylor & Griffin Carpenter 2017 is set to be an exciting year for our fisheries and the sustainability of UK seas. Although the lobbying groups are focused on arguments over who will take control of the quota-cake following Brexit there are several other exciting […]

Can the Developed World Have its Fish and Eat it too?

A recent paper by Helvey et al. 2017 brings up an interesting issue: fishery leakage. “Leakage” is used to describe the unintended displacement of ecosystem impacts, usually due to environmental policies in one place. The classic example of leakage is in forest conservation: For example, cleared space is needed for farming and food; when forests […]

Yes, we Can Go On Farming Salmon

Response to The Huffington Post: “Can We Go On Farming Salmon?” by Neil Auchterlonie The blog article “Can We Go On Farming Salmon?” by Sue Cross in the Huffington Post, presents many inaccuracies about salmon farming. The article is similar to much of the misinformation that is often perpetrated across the internet by those who […]

Are MPAs the Best way to Protect the Ocean? – Response by Dorothy J. Dankel

Comment by Dorothy J. Dankel, University of Bergen & Nordic Marine Think Tank I very much appreciated the recent post by Robert Kearney, University of Canberra on the CFood blog’s topic of MPAs: The use of emotive one-liners and sensational headlines has exploded with modern social media, aided by a flailing journalism industry that is […]

Are MPAs the Best way to Protect the Ocean?

Comment by Robert Kearney, University of Canberra Response to the CFood call for comment on the proposed closure of the high seas to fishing and on the claim that set percentages (e.g. 30%) of all marine environments should be closed to all fishing is definitely required. However, the influence of both the social and scientific […]

US Fisheries at Grave Risk if Government Stifles Science Data

US Fisheries at Grave Risk if Government Stifles Science Data By John Sackton, Editor and Publisher of   Those who know me have no doubt that my personal political opinions reflect more Massachusetts and California than Texas and Louisiana.  But in an industry that has a diverse range of political views, there has always […]

A Conversation with Andrew Rosenberg

Andrew Rosenberg is the Director at the Center for Science and Democracy, Union of Concerned Scientists, and formerly Regional Director for Northeast of National Marine Fisheries Service. We spoke to him on November 2, 2016 about marine protected areas. The transcript of our conversation is below; you can also listen to the full interview at […]