Myths that won’t go away

The scientific literature, print and e-media are full of stories on fisheries sustainability that are simply wrong – yet keep getting repeated and are widely accepted. This page highlights the most ubiquitous of these myths, and provides a summary of the true situation with respect to the issue addressed.

All Fish Stocks will be Collapsed by 2048

The myth that all fish stocks will collapse by 2048 has pervaded in the media and literature for nearly a decade. Click here to read how the myth got started and learn the truth.

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70% of the World's Fish stocks are Overfished

Though a popular, fear-inducing statistic to cite, 70% of the world's fish stocks are not overfished. Click here to see the data that supports that fact.

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Large Fish of the Ocean were 90% Depleted by 1980

Though sharks have sadly been declining in population for some time, large fish that we eat (namely tuna and billfish) have not declined as much as the media would have you believe. A popular report claims that 90% of the big fish populations that we eat were depleted by 1980. Click here to find out why tuna and billfish will stay on sushi menus for decades to come.

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We are Fishing Down the Food Chain

Have we fished out the large, valuable high trophic level fish of the world? Are we moving down the food chain fishing out the smaller, less valuable fish at lower trophic levels?

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