Brexit and the Future of British Fisheries and Markets

A recent article in The Times by Hugo Rifkind discussed the challenges faced by the United Kingdom’s fishing industry as the UK prepares to leave the European Union, per the Brexit vote earlier this year. According to Rifkind, many in the fishing community sided with the “Leave” campaign, but may regret their decision to do […]

A Management Perspective on Catch Shares

Ben Raines of – Alabama Local News – discussed Catch shares in the Gulf of Mexico red snapper fishery last week in an article titled, How a ‘rogue’ environmental group transformed American fisheries The [Environmental Defense Fund] has pushed a system that turns the right to catch a pound of fish into a private […]

Catch Shares have not Worked in New England

Catch Shares have not Worked in New England by Brian Rothschild The catch-share program in New England was heralded by many to be the be- all and end- all of fisheries management. At the same time others predicted that catch shares would drive fishing industries into the ground. In New England the fleet has collapsed […]

Catch Shares, Stakeholder Values, and Management Objectives

Catch Shares, Stakeholder Values, and Management Objectives: a Comment by Michael Melnychuk   The recent article by Ben Raines highlights several important issues for fisheries management under catch shares.  While the article does an excellent job illustrating some of the adverse social consequences, it utterly fails to highlight benefits that have been seen in fisheries […]

Some Facts About Catch Shares

What was the problem? Many US fisheries saw very short fishing seasons, often only a few days long. This was economically wasteful as large quantities of fish came on the market for a short period of time. It was dangerous because fishermen had to fish in bad weather if the short season happened to overlap […]

A Conversation with Brian Rothschild

Brian Rothschild is the founding Dean and Montgomery Charter Professor Emeritus of Marine Science and Technology at the Department of Fisheries Oceanography in the School for Marine Science and Technology at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. He is an expert in population dynamics, biological oceanography, fisheries management, and natural resources policy. Brian has spent his […]

Public Perception of the Ocean Differs from Actual Ocean Status

Here at CFOOD, we work to correct misconceptions about fishing and sustainable seafood (check out our myths page). Recently, fishery scientist Trevor Branch polled his twitter followers and exposed some misperceptions that people have on the state of the ocean. Comment by Trevor A. Branch, University of Washington Recently on Twitter I posed three polls1 […]

What is the Status of Commercially-Fished Tuna Worldwide?

A recent article in the Guardian discusses the future of seafood through the lens of the UN Fish and Agriculture Organization (FAO)’s latest report on the State of World’s Fisheries. The article has some interesting thoughts on the future of fish consumption (especially concerning the rise of aquaculture), but misrepresents some data on the status […]

A Conversation with Frances Gulland

Frances Gulland is a Senior Scientist at The Marine Mammal Center (TMMC) in Sausalito, CA, and has served as the Director of Veterinary Services at TMMC since 1994. She has dedicated most of her career to researching pinnipeds, and has been actively involved in the veterinary care and rehabilitation of stranded marine mammals as well as […]

A Conversation with Margaret Spring

Margaret Spring is the Vice President of Conservation & Science and Chief Conservation Officer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. She oversees the aquarium’s Ocean Policy, Seafood Watch, and Conservation Research programs and their conservation priorities, which focus on conserving ocean wildlife and ecosystems, promoting global sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, and reducing the impacts of plastic […]