Brexit & Fisheries

A recent article in The Times by Hugo Rifkind discussed the challenges faced by the United Kingdom’s fishing industry as the UK prepares to leave the European Union, per the Brexit vote earlier this year. The article inspired us to run a series of posts on the future of European & UK fisheries post-Brexit. Each post in the series is collected below:

Brexit and the Future of British Fisheries and Markets
This piece was written by a highly placed fishery manager in Europe. Due to the sensitive nature of public officials sharing personal opinions, we have kept the person anonymous.

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Where have all the fishers gone?
Economist Griffin Carpenter takes a look at European fisheries employment

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Brexit and Fishing
Hull University professor Magnus Johnson comments on the future of fisheries in Europe

Click here to read why Professor Johnson is pessimistic about the future

Securing Fish, Food and Livelihoods: Charting a Collaborative Course to Brexit
Erin Priddle of the Environmental Defense Fund reminds us how important collaboration will be post-Brexit

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